MyndVIZ has three main scenarios for use. Logistics and Warehouse – to provide detailed real-time information of temperature at any stage in the logistics process. Food Services – to guarantee the safety and freshness of perishable goods from the source into stores, restaurants, Health care and Pharma – saving lives by keeping sensitive pharmaceutical and biological drugs and fluids safe for use.

Health Care and Pharma

The reliable delivery of healthcare products can be lifesaving. MyndVIZ ensures that time and temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products and biological drugs can reach their destination without any compromise on safety.

  • Real-time item/tray location
  • Asset traceability (food/drug containers)
    to minimize shrinkage
  • Improved fleet efficiency saving
    management and operational costs

Food Services

Temperature management is a significant part of keeping food fresh from farm to fork. It must be properly managed to avoid bad quality or damaged products that can provide health risks to consumers. MyndVIZ has made a significant technological leap in refrigeration control systems that help you precisely manage consistent temperatures throughout the supply chain until consumer purchase in stores and restaurants.

  • Fully automated to save manpower and time
  • Improve efficiency with data analysis
  • Enhance brand image with guaranteed quality

Logistics and Warehouse

The MyndVIZ solution stands out in the Logistics market with the capability to monitor item footprints and temperatures across land, sea and air. Whether your product needs to travel extensive distances by truck or container, ship quickly or be stored in a warehouse, MyndVIZ ensures real time wireless tracking ensuring your product is always kept at the right temperature.

  • Real-time temperature logging
  • Reduce waste from food/drug expiration
  • Instant alerts for abnormal temperature<br>readings for preventive measures