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Megasoft Limited was established in 2009 at Hong Kong Science Park, Myndar is a brand of Megasoft Limited. Proud to be a home-grown company, Myndar has risen to be a company widely respected globally for its technology innovations.

Specialized in IoT solutions for the Jewelry & Retail environment, Healthcare, Critical Logistics & Security industries, Myndar develops intelligent technology with its own in-house hardware and software R&D teams, dedicated to continuously design, develop, deploy, innovate and provide solutions on RFID, Bluetooth, NFC and other technologies. The company possesses over 130 patented designs and technologies, with several award-winning, outstanding products with an outstanding contribution to different industries.

Myndar’s innovations revolutionized the operations of many industries by its new, holistic business views. The unique approach to infrastructure and analytics facilitates their growth with a fusion of technology, data, people and products.

Myndar is a trusted partner and solutions provider with a successful track record among reputable customers that’s been proven successful.


With MyndVIZ, Myndar provides innovative solutions for temperature monitoring throughout the supply chain of perishable goods, which can help you operate more efficiently and effectively.


MyndVIZ enhances food and drug safety for temperature-controlled products using an IoT cloud based platform. This single platform provides the Critical Logistics Industry with real-time temperature monitoring at item level at any stage in transit or storage.

MyndVIZ ensures that the temperatures are managed and monitored to meet food safety standard ISO22000 and all pharmaceutical compliance. Devices such as the mPulzer (wireless temperature logger), mAntenna (wireless receiver) and mAnchor (wireless intelligence server) provide real-time monitoring and instant alerts for exceptions such as out-of-range temperatures. The historical temperature data at item level is saved in the MyndVIZ platform for up to 4 years.

A unique low cost rental model enables end-users to adopt MyndVIZ quickly and manage the cost effectively with zero infrastructure cost.


The logistics of MyndQUEST supports Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning in mobile dashboard. Its business intelligence features with 100 build-in KPI for Critical Logistics Business. Its built-in engine enables real time logistics & temperature monitoring, it’s an auto instant alerts (Apps, SMS & Email) engine. It has a business reporting system, real-time data streaming support and flexible data visualization engine. Its streamline is integrated with WMS, SCM and MES applications. MyndQUEST is designed by industry experts with update but yet proven technical solutions.


MyndVIZ has three main scenarios for use. Logistics and Warehouse – to provide detailed real-time information of temperature at any logistical stage. Food Services – to guarantee the safety and freshness of perishable goods from the source into stores, restaurants.Healthcare and Pharmacy – saving lives by ensuring that the  pharmaceutical, biological drugs and fluids are safe for use.

Logistics and Warehouse

Temperature management is a significant part of keeping food fresh from warehouse to its final destination . It must be properly managed to avoid bad quality that might cause health risks to consumers

Food Services

Keeps your food safe, monitor your freezers and alert you when power losses, or when temperature variation occurs.

Healthcare and Pharmacy

Keeps your vaccines at the correct temperature and alert you when power losses, or when temperature variation occurs.





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